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The Bass Rocketeers Netball Club

We are proud to live in such a beautiful part of Scotland.

North Berwick is a small seaside town on the East Coast approximately 35 minute drive from Edinburgh with good train links. The Bass Rock is one of the most distinctive landmarks in Scotland lying 2 miles off the coast of North Berwick.  

In the 1800s a group of volunteers, the Rocketeers, were formed to rescue sailors by operating a rescue rocket apparatus with thin wire attached which they fired over stricken vesssels around the Bass Rock. The line was then attached to a thicker rope which was used to pull the crew ashore.

This story inspired us, initially a small group of volunteers, to throw a lifeline to to all those desperate to play netball in East Lothian and to rescue netball from its slumber in the East.

Our team colours are purple to represent the thistle, turquoise for the sea and white for the gannets who flock to the Bass Rock every year making it the biggest colony in the world.

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