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Our fight for the top spot

Division 4 teams in the 1st & 2nd spot - separated only on a goal difference of 7 - fought it out to be come top dog.

The Bass Rocketeers(1) vs Kestrals (2) fought a very physical, intense, & immensely fast and furious game with the play in the first Q going Kestrals way. Q2 was a battle of the babes but we brought it back & it was even stevens at the half way point at 19 a piece.

After a couple of switched positions play favoured the Rocketeers and in Q3 we were up 31-22. The momentum building and carried on to the end of Q4 - yes, we were the victors of our toughest match todate winning 45-29.

Team play at its best. The Rocketeers remain on top. Awesome!

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