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We will be following strict Covid-19 regulations and adhere to Netball Scotland guidance.    
Our Covid Officer is Sonia Livesey.  Email
You/or your child MUST NOT attend training if you feel unwell. 
Please adhere to all Scottish Government guidance on Covid- 19 

Overall Guidance around Pick up and Drop off



As per Scottish Govt guidance, your netballer will need to wear a mask for entering and leaving the Sports Centre.  If they have an exemption, please let our COVID-19 Officer know.  Once they are inside the hall, they can remove their mask and leave them alongside their water bottle in the designated area which will be clearly marked.  They will need to put their mask back on when leaving the Sports Centre.  


Drop Off

Please ask your netballer to follow the 1-way system in place at the sports centre.  The C19 Liaison Officer will be there to guide them.  White arrows have been placed on the floor to make this easier for them to follow.  The players will need to walk in single file to minimise any issues around social distancing indoors and also to prevent a bottleneck at the front desk with members of the public.   


  • Please arrive no more than 5 mins before Netball starts. 

  • Players cannot congregate outside the entrance to the hall. 

  • The door will be open and they must come straight inside the sports hall.  

  • If you are unavoidably early please wait outside the sports centre.  Equally, if delayed, please inform our C19 officer of your arrival as we need to keep strict registers of all attendees.


Pick up

Our C19 Liaison Officer will lead the children out of the Sports Centre and will wait for those children to be picked up.  Again, please do your best to arrive promptly at the end of the session as our C19 Officers are working to a very tight turnaround in order to maximise netball time for the children.  


If your Netballer is allowed to walk home, please let us know - either at drop off or via email  -